About us

NUKKAD is based on the premise that people of a community gather together every evening at the local street corner (nukkad in hindi) and share jokes and sometimes their never-ending troubles and unfulfilled dreams with each other over a cup of chai & snacks.
Owner-Chef Garima Kothari and her husband curated this restaurant to satisfy the Desi (Indian sub-continent diaspora) nostalgia for Indian soul food over conversations. Chef Garima is an investment banker turned chef with appearances on Master Chef India and an education from the French culinary school- Le Cordon Bleu. Chef Garima excels in various culinary techniques, but comes back home craving typical Indian fare, more so Indian street food or “Chaat”! Hailing from Kolkata, she considers the best way to unwind is over chai-samosa or a meal 
of dosas & lassis (yes, we love pairing south Indian culinary traditions with north Indian ones!)
So, what do we do: We offer simple & light breakfasts like upma, baked beans on toast, idlis & heavier brunch like items such as Bombay sandwich. We have quick lunch items which we call Tiffin- pick up a curry, we provide rice & feel free to add a bread or yogurt & salad. We specialize in Dosas, or a fermented rice & lentil crisp crepe. Our batters are prepared in-house with our secret recipes straight from the south-Indian kitchens! Also look out for our biryanis which are prepared in the celebrated Andhra style! And to make your evenings truly conversational, we have a menu called- Chai-Nashta, offering loved snacks such as samosas, maggi noodles, bhajiyas & other snacks or Chaats! Pair them with our Nukkad special Chai & you will be all set!
With seating for thirty, Nukkad is available for daily corporate buy-outs, catering orders for both your office canteen and house parties, take-out & delivery!
Nukkad is open for breakfasts, lunch, snacks & dinner. Come and give us a try we look forward to feeding you!